Samling med intressanta länkar för dig som vill fördjupa dig inom data, demokrati och design.

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  • All data are local: Author Yanni Loukissas delivers a talk drawing on his new monograph from MIT Press, All Data Are Local: Thinking Critically in a Data-Driven Society, which is addressed to a growing audience of practitioners who want to work with unfamiliar data both effectively and ethically
  • Dave Snowden – Complexity, citizen engagement in a Post-Social Media time: Anything an algorithm can interpret an algorithm can create, social media is more the tyranny of the herd than the wisdom of the crowd. How do we manage essential and unavoidable uncertainty using human agents in a distributed network.



  • Alla data are local: How to analyze data settings rather than data sets, acknowledging the meaning-making power of the local. Yanni Alexander Loukissas.


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